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Escozul - Blue Scorpion Poison. We hope our testimony and decision to share our experiences will help people who are currently in similar circumstances. Similarly, being well informed and being able to ask questions about other patients’ experiences will help us keep a light of hope we can’t afford to lose.



  • Blue Scorpion Poison

Havana - Cuba
Havana - Cuba
We hope our testimony and decision to share our experiences will help people who are currently in similar circumstances.

Similarly, being well informed and being able to ask questions about other patients’ experiences will help us keep a light of hope we can’t afford to lose.

This is a non-official space that we can use to communicate and discuss our disease or the one of our beloved ones, it includes information about alternative treatments, such as Escozul or blue scorpion poison.

This is an additional treatment for cancer, still at an experimental phase, but highly requested by those who suffer from this terrible disease all over the world.


How do I get escozul for cancer treatment? Thanks 

John 23-3-2009 3:01:


Please contact Dr Niudis Cruz To send Medical Background LABORATORIOS LABIOFAM E:mail: niudis.cruz@infomed.sid.cu Phone: (53-7) 684 9661 Mon – Thurs from 9am to 12pm La Habana - CUBA 

Ellen 5-4-2009 19:49:

This is totally new for me

Hello there! I’m new into this community and topic. My dearest dad has just been diagnosed with lung cancer and cannot undergo surgery.

As you can imagine my world has changed and I am full of doubts and questions! I was looking for answers on the net and bumped into your website.

The most important question now that I found out about Escozul is about its experimental stage. My dad has always suffered from allergies so I was wondering how feasible it is for him to use this new medicine as a treatment. Is there any risk for him?

Thank you,


Juanita Colomer 5-4-2009 20:51:

Try to join Dr. CRUZ

Dear Ellen, where are you and your father from ?

Remember we aren´t doctors. We are people suffering cancer trying to help other people with the same desease.

So please communicate with Dr. Cruz at Havana/CUBA, it is too risky for us to advise ESCOZUL for your father who suffers from allergies.

  • DR: NIUDIS CRUZ : TEL. NUMBER : (53-7) 684 9661 - Monday to Thursday - 9:00AM to 12:00PM

  • E-MAIL ADRESS: niudis.cruz@infomed.sid.cu.

Ellen please be very pacient, because CUBAN communications are very difficult. Wishing you to be very lucky.

Juanita Colomer

John 5-4-2009 21:35:

Dear Ellen

First of all, we are sorry to hear that your dad is suffering from cancer. We know how tough it is for the family and friends. Second, and regarding your questions and concerns, the best would be that you channeled your specific questions through Dr. Niudis Cruz at Labiofam laboratories.

We are not doctors, our experience is to try to help and support people like your father, and help them communicate the idea of a new possible option through this treatment.

To contact Dr. Cruz, at Labiofam laboratories in Cuba, you should email her at niudis.cruz@infomed.sid.cu and provide both your dad’s medical background and the questionnaire that is provided within this website. She will certainly answer and clarify all your doubts in detail. Otherwise you can call her directly at (53-7) 684 9661.

Wishing you the best,


Ericka 9-11-2010 1:09:


Tengo un tio enfermo de cancer, y quiero la medicina escozul para ayudarlo yo se la voy a regalar, vivo en california y se la quiero enviar a Inglaterra por favor ayundenme con esto lo antes posible costos y requirimientos para obtener el medicamento gracias .

John 2-5-2011 0:57:

VIDATOX – Our well-known Escozul or blue Scorpion poison

News about escozul (VIDATOX) since April 29, 2011, Labiofam lab has informed the following: Medical care will continue to be available for patients and will be provided by the medical staff of LABIOFAM at the VIMANG labs located in 100 and Ojo de Agua, Reparto Eléctrico, La Habana, Cuba. Appointments continue to be free of charge. The delivery of the VIDATOX® (Escozul) has finished. Once the product is registered it has to be commercialized. As of now, the product will be commercialized by the following International Drugstores in Cuba: Farmacia Internacional at Hotel Habana Libre, Farmacia Internacional at Hotel Sevilla, Farmacia Internacional at José Martí International Airport - Terminals 2 and 3, and Farmacia Internacional Miramar. To find out information about the commercial price in Cuba, you need to contact any of the above mentioned companies. LABIOFAM has also signed a representation agreement with Pharma Matrix s.r.l. in Albania. LABIOFAM continues to work extensively to be able to register the product in as many countries as possible, with the objective of making it accessible for patients all over the world.

John 2-5-2011 1:08:

Expanding information

As far as I know, the cost of the Vidatox is 205 CUC (Cuban Currency) and according to what I was able to find out, in Cuba we get 87 CUC every US$ 100 dollars. Another information that I received, off the record, is that this is the price you pay for a 600-drop bottle and that you need 5 drops every morning, 5 in the afternoon and 5 more in the evening, with a total of 15 drops a day, so each bottle should last 40 days. Anyhow, they told me that you can buy one or more bottles, for example, up to a complete year of treatment. Each bottle comes with the corresponding dosage and is completely sealed. This is all what I was able to find out up until now, as the changes are all very new. Considering this, I really would like to hear if there’s anyone with more complete, updated information to share it with the rest of us as all information is highly valued at this stage.

Claudia 8-5-2011 11:42:

Please Help me !

My mother (75 years old ) had been diagnosed win lung cancer stage IV , last week. The oncologist had suggested start immediately with chemotherapy and had booked an appointment for my mother this Monday.

Escozul is my only hope for my mother to have a better live, while she can bewith us. One of my cousins had offered me the Escozul, she bought it for my aunt, 02 months ago, but unfortunately arrived when she already past.

My question is , can the Escozul be administered in conjunction with chemotherapy? or it has to be administered only by itself ?. How the escozul have to be storage ? will it have the same properties if it is not storage in the right conditions ?

Any kind of information will be really helpful, Thank you kindly

Mary 8-5-2011 14:34:

For Claudia

Escozul is complementary, so there’s no problem in using it along with chemotherapy. It’s always convenient to keep it in a cold place, and considering the time frame you mention, I think you should not have problems in using the one you have, as it is only two months old. Something to have in mind, as John explains in a previous post, is that escozul is now been sold at farmacias internacionales in Cuba under the name of Vidatox. Hope this helps, Mary

Brenda 14-10-2011 1:53:

Please provide information about a facilitator of escozul called: NEWLIFE

Hello, My mother is dying of cancer and I'm desperate trying to find a treatment that can improve her quality of life. In a forum called http://www.escozul-cancer.com/ they gave the name of a facilitator of the product: the company is called: NEWLIFE, since I have not enough money to go to Cuba, that could be an option to me, but has anyone ever heard of this company? if so, could you please tell me about your experience, I will greatly appreciate it. Brenda

Grace 15-10-2011 13:24:

For Brenda

I have never heard of NEWLIFE. The only providers of escozul (now VIDATOX) are the International Drugstores in Cuba and it is also available in Albany.

Brenda 15-10-2011 16:04:

For Grace

Thank you very much Grace for this reply. It's kind and I appreciate it.

Adrian 20-10-2011 18:41:


I have a question, my loved one has a astrocytoma tumor in her brain, low-grade stage 2. There is a small spot in the middle of it that has possibility of being a low-grade stage 3 (shows a little of more active cells). She has been on vidatox for her whole treatment session of 30days of radiation. We then learned of a big treatment used in europe called " mistletoe" that we heard from a naturopath here in Canada. During her vidatoxa duration, she seemed to be fine through the radiation, basic symptoms of fatigue and dizzyness, but she still kept her apetite and overall good shape and spirits. In my opinion i felt it was working, during her last week of treatment we then switched over to misletoe because of the hype we got from our natureopath, she then started to have seizures for the first time. Our oncologist said it was because of the brain swelling because of the radiation having peak affect. I do beleive thats what it was and bad timing for the vidatox to misltoe switch. I want her to take both treatments, because i beleive in both of them, i just dont want to haev the two seperate homeopathic medicines to somehow interact and cancel each other out. I want to know if anyone has and info on the situation, and or has used both medicines for treatment, and has any further information to pass over to me, i appreciate you taking your time for reading this, please email me if you have any positive feedback or if you know that the 2 medicines should NOT be used together, thank you.

John 20-10-2011 18:47:

Dear Adrian:

We don't know anything about "mistletoe" being used as a treatment. We do know of the benefits of vidatox only. Best wishes for your beloved one. John.

Tu Vuong 2-12-2011 16:22:

Where can I get Escozul in Cuba?

Please can anyone tell me how to get Escozul?. I am in the UK and am prepared to go to Cuba to get the medicine. But so far I haven't found the contact information of the Escozul suppliers. My mum has been fighting her stomach cancer for 2 years and recently it has gotten worse.

Best Regards.

John 2-12-2011 20:23:

Dear Tu Voung:

If you check this same thread, I posted information on 02-05 this year on the suppliers under the title: VIDATOX – Our well-known Escozul or blue Scorpion poison The contact information that I can provide is for one Farmacia Internacional is: 0053 7 2044350, hope it helps. Please remember it is hard to get through telephone numbers in Cuba, so be patient as you might need to dial a few times.

chrisa 18-5-2012 10:39:


I try to find contact details for producer of Escozul in Cuba (not Vitadox). Does any one know? Thanks

Mary 18-5-2012 17:07:


As far as I know, Escozul is now called Vidatox. You can find the contact information for the producer in the box at the top of the page (Labiofam Lab).

Mike Estephan 24-5-2012 1:06:



Angel 4-6-2012 18:37:


I need to adquire ecozul... But I,m not able to travel to Cuba, can you send me what I need... I'll pay the necessary... It's urgent... I need and answer now... Help me please

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